Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki has a complete range of Hydraulic Fittings to suit all requirements & we carry a full range of Hydraulic Hose from 1/4" to 2" up to 10000 PSI, along with higher pressure specialty hoses and fittings.

Complementing our on-site stock holdings we also have 5 fully equipped mobile vans stocked to meet our customers needs 24 Hours/7 Days.

We pride ourselves in being able to meet all our customers needs in the shortest possible turnaround time.

Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki offers a total hose and fittings service Taranaki wide 24 Hours/7 Days with our fully equipped mobile fleet. Hydraulic Solutions has five fully equipped vans: three in New Plymouth, one in Stratford and one in Hawera manned with fully trained Hose Sales and Service Technicians.

These mobile units are stocked with an extensive range of Hose & Fittings to suit almost all of our customer requirements enabling a quick efficient service to minimise downtime.

We operate an after hours on call service around the clock 7 days a week. All after hours phone calls are directed to the on call Technicians to increase efficiency.

Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki prides itself in diagnosing, repairing, rebuilding and testing hydraulic pumps, valves and motors. From the dentist chair to a 200 tonne crane and everything in between, Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki “can do”.

Technical knowledge, supported by an extensive range of in-house and onsite system testing equipment gives Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki a flexible one-stop shop for all hydraulic repairs.

Our service technicians perform regular servicing and maintenance to ensure your equipment is running at its peak performance and allowing for customer peace of mind.

From concept to design and in-house build, Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki have it covered. And if you have something left-of-field, let’s see what can be engineered. We are committed to finding the best solution for you.

Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki has on-site tradesman carrying out all diesel engineering service, repair, upgrades and modification.

Catering for both scheduled and breakdown servicing, our competent team can carry out all COF and WOF repairs to get you back on the road faster.

This service allows for a streamlined integration across the board.

Being able to test hydraulic systems in our workshop is a fundamental step in diagnosing and confirming individual items are operating correctly. Our technicians can then repair the faulty item, and then re-test the system to ensure it is operating correctly prior to it returning to service.

We have the tools and technical ability to hydrotest up to 40,000 PSI, allowing for assurance that the hose or system being repaired or engineered is functioning without leakage or any possible environmental issues. We can also offer internal inspection with video recording.

Testing can be to hose layline pressure and margin, system pressure and margin, or customer specific requirements. It is company policy that all offshore and oil field hoses are tested.

We can certify to industry standards and to customer specific requirements.

Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki provides a full range of hydraulic cylinder new builds, repairs and services to suit your requirements. Focusing on an extensive assessment, repair and testing process, along with our specialised equipment to dismantle and reassemble rams, we ensure a quick turn around on equipment and minimal downtime for our customers.

Our purpose built ram bench is able to generate 60,000 foot pounds of torque, enabling us to disassemble and torque to specification on reassembly. Associated with this is our triple filtered hydraulic power pack suction high pressure return filters. Our internal policy and procedure stipulate, when reassembling the hydraulic cylinder, the piston nut will be re-torqued to manufacturer specifications. The hydraulic cylinder is reassembled and fully stroked ten times both ways. This is then pressure tested open and closed to 1 ¼ times the working pressure.

Triple filtration is the best safeguard to ensure the internal cleanliness of your cylinder whilst testing.

Our hydraulic pressure testing facilities provide the final check to ensure the correct operation of rams and equipment before they are returned to service.

Our on-site staff are fully trained in the Norgren System and are available to diagnose pneumatic faults and repair/replace any faulty items. As a Norgren System agent for the Taranaki region, we carry a range of Norgen valves, lubrication, filtration, regulators, gauges and tube and fittings.

Our stock range includes breathing air filtration. We have access to advanced diagnostic tools and expertise through our relationship with Norgren, and can provide timely advice and service to ensure your machinery is repaired in an efficient manner.

Here at Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki, we have on-site staff with an exceptional level of water blaster experience, able to work with any brand or model. Carrying a range of pump parts, unloader valves, guns and nozzles in stock, let us carry out all your water blaster repairs, overhauls, upgrades and modifications

Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki are also able to complete extensive design and build work in this area, completed to customer specific requirements.

The workshop at Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki is equipped with four lathes and a mill in-house, meaning machining of hydraulic cylinder components, transport engineering, light engineering and jobbing work is all well accommodated for.

Complementary to this is Stick/Mig/Tig welding facilities.