No risk is worth more than the life of the person carrying out the task. Safety is paramount indicating a duty of care for your people and respect for the legislative requirements of your customers.

Industrial spills can be detrimental to the environment and disastrous for a business’s reputation. Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki’s ability to minimise our clients’ exposure to environmental damage is a key benefit to working with us. A strong focus and adherence to health and safety practices means there is an inherent knowledge and experience of spill handling and environmental protection.

We also value the time constraints of our clients. Through efficient work practices and reliable response times we aim to keep downtime and business disruption to a minimum while keeping worksites safe. This strong customer focused point means Hydraulic Solutions is a key part of our customers’ operational readiness.

 Whether we are working on our customers sites, or in our own workshop, safety is paramount for our team, and those we are working alongside. We implement the same strong culture of health and safety and robust system in the workshop as we do out on the job. Just like a game of Rugby, you wouldn’t go onto the field without warming up. Here at Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki, we wouldn’t commence a job without carrying out the necessary Health and Safety. Working closely with our external Health and Safety advisor, we have implemented a full system for Health Safety and Environmental compliance. Operating a transparent open policy, when a Health and Safety issue arises, the job is stopped, the issue is discussed and any risk is mitigated immediately. Our documentation is live and constantly evolving, Health and Safety is discussed in meetings monthly, weekly and we hold daily toolbox talks. Our Safety delegate is one of our guys on the floor rather than management, to ensure the Health and Safety of our people, customers, plant and equipment.

Here at Hydraulic Solutions Taranaki we believe that downtime isn’t just ‘nice to have’, it is imperative to correctly managing health and safety and mitigating environmental impact, human injury and equipment damage.